Full Service Plan

The Full Service Plan

The Premium Filtration Plan

You are truly an exceptional human being.

Not only are you actively ensuring you and your family drink healthy water, but you are also part of the community of people saving our water resources. Unlike other water filters, this one doesn’t waste a drop of water. But what we are most grateful for is the fact that you have chosen to go above and beyond and have taken it upon yourself to help advance water filtration in South Africa. Making it better suited for this country’s conditions, and more affordable so every South African can feel safe and be more healthy when drinking and using water. You’re making the future a better place to call home.

Now for the order process:

  1. Just fill out the form.
  2. We’ll send you an email with a secure payment gateway.
  3. Pay for your healthy water filter. (R 2890.00 once-off and then R 139.00p.m.)

Once we know who you are(by filling in the form), we’ll stay in constant communication(a phone call and a message or two) to help you. From the payment process right through to the moment you take your first sip from your new healthy water filter, we’ll be there with you. What are you waiting for? Fill in that form.

Order Form

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